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Skived Tapes

Skived Tape & Sheets
Skived Tape & Sheets

Features :
The PTFE resin skived sheet & tape are highly dielectric, chemical resistant and not ageing. They have a wide range of operation temperature range between -2600C + 260 0C.

  • Skived PTFE sheets and films are available in continuous rolls or cut to the desired length.
  • We also offer material slit to the desired width in order to help reduce scrap and waste. This yields the greatest economy and minimum scrap loss.
  • We can also laminate, punch or die cut all of our skived sheet and film products.
Skived Tapes & Sheets
Thickness (mm) Width (mm)
 01 - 8.00 Max. 2700

Applications :
Lining, sealing and oil less lubricating material and dielectric at any frequencies. Capacitor dielectric, wire isolation, electrical instrument isolation.

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